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Book: Nationalism by Tagore

I just finished reading Nationalism by Tagore. The book has three essays which talk about Nationalism in the West, Nationalism in Japan, Nationalism in India and ends with a poem called The Sunset of the Century. First two essays are based on lectures delivered in USA and Japan. The third essay on India...

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Book: Writing the Book

I follow Nieman Reports and NiemanLab to know everything that’s happening in digital journalism world. Very recently I found out that they publish books. So I picked Writing the Book, How to Craft Narratives, from Concept to Content as my first read. It’s an anthology of essays written by journalists on how they...

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Tracking Happiness

A friend of mine Anu has this popular question to ask when she meets us “What am I proud of and grateful for?”. It’s an interesting question. While answering it last time, I realized its a proxy question for asking how happy am I. I don’t know what Anu thinks but I will...